Delicious Breakfast of Chocolate Oats

The best part about Peakz is the different ways you can enjoy your favourite Crunchy Chocolate Squares. This week we have a fabulous recipe from the amazing Wellthos Box. 

This energising breakfast of chocolately oats makes use of our zesty Crunchy Chocolate Orange squares, topped with a selection of berries. Packed with 25% of your daily intake of B12 and 33% of your daily intake of Iron, our high in fibre Peakz Crunchy Chocolate Orange Squares are a perfect start to your day, keeping you full from the whole grain centre!

Simply mix and then heat in a pan the ingredients below for the Wellthos signature chocolately oats:

  •  1/2 cup rolled oats - 3/4 cup mylk of choice
  •  1 over-ripe banana
  •  1 tbsp cocoa powder
  •  1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract
  •  Sweetener of choice (recommended: date or agave)

Don't forget to check out the wonderful boxes from Wellthos, so you can discover all the mouthwatering health foods and nutritious snacks inside.

PS: Peakz Crunchy Chocolate Orange Squares featured in the March Wellthos Box!

Aalya Magsi