Once Upon A Time In The Land of Dwyn

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  Nanook’s Adventure and the Mythical Discovery of Peakz

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In a small village in the land of Dwyn, lived a young polar bear named Nanook. Over the years, the village had seen harsh winters with food shortages and all the animals struggled far and wide to find a sustainable food source. One day, Nanook overheard the elders telling the cubs a folk tale of a chosen bear that would find everlasting food by conquering Muddy Paw Mountain. Legend had it that many a bear failed to conquer The Great Paw and the village laughed when little Nanook volunteered for the journey. Despite their doubts and taunts, he decided to face Muddy Paw Mountain all by himself!

And so Nanook's journey began......

......after a long and difficult journey, during which he faced dangers in Black Frost Ridge and made friends in Pebbly Bay, Nanook finally made it to the top of Muddy Paw Mountain.  Driven by determination, Nanook searched endlessly for a food source around the summit, but to no avail. Exhausted, he slumped to the ground and heard a sharp crunching sound. Looking around and down at himself, Nanook discovered that he had accidentally broken a piece of the peak and that his paws were now covered in something delicious, dark and wonderful. Licking it off, Nanook realized he had discovered the secret food source of Muddy Paw Mountain, PEAKZ!

Meet Nanook's Peakz Squad

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