The Founders



I’ve always been a dreamer of sorts with a perpetual creative drive pushing me forward through most things in my life. From learning several musical instruments at a young age to traveling across the world, to advocating for women’s and children’s rights- passion has always been at the center of my life goals.

After academia, I decided to focus on multiple startup projects, combining my background in psychoanalysis with my family knowledge in business. This wasn’t easy - some projects were more challenging than others, but none got to the heart of what I truly wanted to achieve as a startup. I still learnt tons along the way!

After getting back into working full time in London, I finally met Linnea and we came up with the brilliant concept of Peakz. I always knew food was another area unexplored for me, but I never knew it could mean so much after practicing a plant based lifestyle.  After months (almost a year and a half) of refining our product and lots of hard work spent on fully conceptualising this project, we created Peakz. I always knew there was a way to blend passion and ethics into business. So here I am, doing what I love and loving what I do.


I have been fascinated by the food industry and its products from a young age. Every Saturday, as a child, my father would take me to an East Asian supermarket near my house outside of Washington DC in the US and I would try exciting, unusual and delicious confectionery, salty, and sweet foods that I had never seen or eaten before. My childhood summer camp experience also played a key role in my fascination with snack foods. From the age of ten, I attended a summer camp each year in northern Minnesota in the US, where parents shipped to their children homemade chocolate goodies and other snack treats on a weekly basis. Being from the East Coast, the snack food I had never seen before consisted of various crunchy cereals, milk chocolate, peanut butter, and other ingredients, all of which were popular with campers and counselors alike. 

Throughout my high school years in the US  and my University years in Scotland and England, I experimented with creating a crunchy snack using various ingredients, inspired by the snack I fondly remembered from my summer camp years.  My friends and family across the globe loved my adapted versions of the crunchy snack, asking me to make it for parties, road trips, late night snacking and post marathon/hiking/biking munching.

Over the years, when looking for snack foods in the UK, I found there was a significant gap in the UK snack food industry. While many savoury snacks could be purchased from corner shops and supermarkets, few fun and diverse individual chocolate snacks were available. This was especially true for those who were looking for a vegan friendly snack.  After moving to the south of England, I met Aalya, a fellow food fanatic, and after many taste testings in my kitchen, experimentation, product development, and deliberation, Peakz was born.  While the homemade snack from my summer camp days was partly my inspiration for our product, Peakz is different, in that it is not made with dairy products and consists of healthier ingredients.

These Chocolate, Chocolate Orange and Salt Caramel Chocolate crunchy pieces of goodness are bite sized, able to be consumed anywhere on the go and are the perfect snack! We hope you love them as much as we do! Happy snacking :)